My Health One Place (MyHOP) application was created to help you (the patient) take charge of your own health. Founded and conceptualized by a family physician, its features and articles are specifically designed to help educate, empower and energize you regarding your basic health. In a busy mundane life, we often forget to take care of ourselves. At MyHOP, we believe that lot of medical problems can be prevented or managed better with simple easy measures which you can undertake yourself. With various user friendly features, we are attempting to address some of the most important issues in health care today like polypharmacy, medical errors, medication non-adherence, preventive health promotion, chronic disease management, health illiteracy to name a few.

As rightly said, Health is Wealth & we hope with MyHOP application, we can help you to invest in your overall wellbeing

Founder, CEO: Karna Patel, MD, MPH

Application Developer: Bexcode Services


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How do I start using the features of MyHOP?

  • Download the latest version of MyHOP on your Android or iOS device for free.
  • Click on Register Now and fill in the required details.
  • Confirm your account by using the link sent on your email address.
  • LogIn using your credentials and you are all set for using the exciting features of MyHOP application.

How secure are the details that I save in the MyHOP App?

  • Any details that are saved in the app using the features of MyHOP would not be accessible by anyone including MyHOP. This App provides industry standard security and is developed keeping the user’s privacy in mind.

How reliable is the source of information provided in MyHOP?

  • The information in MyHOP is provided by physicians and other trained health care professionals. With the content provided in the app, there are reference links for more information and resources.

Will MyHOP application be accessing any personal information from the device in which the app is installed?

  • The “Saved Documents” feature in MyHOP would access the Gallery of your device where the App is installed, but is accessible only when you allow the access. No other information from the device is accessible by the app.


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